Jackie at TEDWOMEN 2015
Jackie rocks a pose at TEDWOMEN 2015

Every TED event I don’t attend but wanted to is always packed with inspiring people and their breathtaking technology, art, ideas, projects, talks and energy that I fully regret not going.

TED 2019 seems to be having that exact effect on me as more of the videos and live streams are branching out beyond the event.

I want to sit in the meditation pod! I wanted to see the latest great Eight TED speakers unveiled and their globally life changing projects. What’s in the TED Gift Bag?!

The TED TALKS are definitely spectacularly riveting but the collaboration that goes on beyond the stages is where the real action is at.

TED coordinators gather motivated people from all over the world that have unique perspectives and backgrounds to collaborate together to help solve global issues.

TED is actually making a difference in the world and why I’ve been a member since inception. I urge anyone who is driven to make the world a better place to join. You won’t ever regret being involved in a community that delivers action beyond their captivating words.

Going to a TED event has such a lasting impact on your life and can be an instant way towards launching your career or business in new avenues of potential. Considering all of the possibilities in the creative networking events within every TED event with likeminded and fun people to meet you are guaranteed new contacts. Especially if you take advantage of their TED Connect App.

TED makes networking and collaboration almost a breeze with all of the available resources they provide.

I will be writing more about TED since it is a community that I am continually inspired from and hope to get more involved with as I get stronger.

If you haven’t joined TED yet, I hope you are headed that direction now, so let me help you;


Ask With Intention

I am overwhelmed at how quickly I received the perfect response to what I reached out for, while expecting nothing.

Acton Academy reached out to me and it is exactly what I was looking for in every aspect and more! It exceeded my expectations by providing a sound platform already in place. All that is required is the desire, determination and drive to make it happen.

Thank you wonderful blogging community for proving that the beautiful connection in humanity still thrives in this world. We will make it from people to humanity. The old mold is cracking and the new potential is emerging.


Who hasn’t been completely mesmerized by an enlightening TED TALK? More than likely if you are reading this, you have some part of your soul that wants to make the world a better place for all of life. TED TALKS have a way of inspiring us to take action, to learn new perspectives, and most importantly, to take the time to get to know one another.

When we become personally invested in each other’s lives it provides a purpose and can be extremely fulfilling. The world is shrinking so quickly since the internet. Our minds are expanding collectively as we become closer to one another.

I have a proposal I’m trying to develop and gain sponsors for which requires TED in order to successfully launch. It is an opportunity for our world to reinvent itself to avoid a civilization collapse. The current political tensions and resource wars will only repeat what has happened so many times over, as history often does when societies forget. So many great civilizations have come and gone that one would think humanity could see the insanity of it all.

With Quantum Computing and Physics taking such massive leaps and allowing computational feats once considered impossible to complete in mere seconds, we are at a fork in the road of opportunities or disasters.

Researchers are finally able to provide the medical field the data necessary to cure diseases and even preventing them. The ability to fully map out a molecular structure and its responses towards testing is finally making massive changes to the medical field. What would’ve taken a binary computer 45,000,000 years to compute is accomplished in less than minutes now on a Quantum computer.

We are just tapping into this field in the public sector and that is where the initiative comes in. I would like to provide training in the villages, reservations and other remote locations that are caught between the necessities of income but the commitment to their cultural and societal needs are causing too many to have to make a choice between one or the other.

These difficult decisions oftentimes lead to suicide in our youth because they cannot see the future through the barriers. It can also play a role in domestic violence and abuse of alcohol and or drugs to numb the inner turmoil. Without purpose, so many become lost.

Bringing in training for programming and research techniques can provide that necessary resource to launch our potential as humanity beyond our limiting views right now. The indigenous people already have a firm grasp on Quantum Physics concepts and their enlightened perspectives are necessary to make this truly possible and further the technology.

If we don’t start right now to correct our current course, we may end up repeating history yet once again.

Help me find traction for this endeavor by letting TED know you support this initiative. Thank you for making the world a better place for all of life.

One Life

I have surgery in a few hours and still haven’t slept. Pain tends to own my life anymore no matter how hard I try to ignore it. This wasn’t what I had planned for my life.

There was a time when my identity was wrapped up in my careers and racing. I began in the technology field at 17 as a computer operator in the largest data processing center in North America. My racing partner and I had finished the Iron Dog, becoming the first Pro-Class women’s team to complete the world’s longest and toughest snowmobile race. Talk about off and running!

One morning, just as I was in the heights of my IT career and preparing for a CIO position, I couldn’t move to shut off my alarm for work. Just like that, everything I had worked so hard for came crashing down around me.

I just landed the largest sponsors for my racing career and a full ride for the season. My boxing hobby was becoming a viable potential to add to the mix. My belly dancing was blending in well and enjoying its own journey in the mix.

My marriage was so blissful it was nauseating for most to be around us. Our only child was the absolute center of our world. He was excelling in Montessori school and loved our Alaskan adventures.

I had truly felt like my life was an absolute dream and I loved being me. I worked hard to get to where I was in life and it was paying off.

10 years later and still bedridden and in agony most of the time, I cannot help but reflect on life and the purpose of it all.

As if that nightmare wasn’t enough, I was diagnosed with AML and CML types of Leukemia last year. I’ve undergone the horrific experiences of chemotherapy and recovering well.

Who knows what this surgery will bring, I just know that defending my child’s future has become my ultimate passion and drive.

I have been hammering away at the Pebble Strip Mine that is proposed for Bristol Bay, Alaska. Home of the last and only natural salmon spawning habitat on the planet. The very last one. It is currently being threatened with a Strip Mine. The blatant ignorance is suffocating at times.

We only have until July 1st, 2019 to be heard from and it is dangerously close. The current presidential administration has removed the EPA protections that once existed, specifically protecting Bristol Bay.

Repeating catastrophic failures and expecting different results without recognizing the insanity of it all seriously begs to question how we can consider ourselves a superior species.

I urge everyone to go to the Save the Salmon website to the link for submitting your public comments to the US Army Corps of Engineers. Anyone can comment, so please, I urge you and everyone you know to do the same.

We have one life, let’s make it count for something bigger than ourselves.

You can email them directly at:


This is the largest Sockeye Salmon habitat on the planet that provides the world over 40% of its Salmon. 2018 was the largest return of Salmon in history which proves beyond any doubt how successfully it has been managed and maintained.

Please, help Save the Salmon for future generations. We get one shot at this life, let’s make it count!

Thank you for being a part of my journey. I appreciate your time and consideration.

What Does Humanity Really Offer The World?

If we can actually consider allowing a Strip Mine to interrupt the last and ONLY fully intact natural salmon spawning habitat on the planet, that also happens to provide the world the largest resource of Sockeye Salmon, then how can we really be proud as a species? What have we actually accomplished? Destroying the only planet we have.

Bristol Bay, Alaska is pristine and should remain as such. It has been so successfully managed that last year, 2018 provided the largest return of Salmon on record. Bristol Bay, Alaska have fed the world with the healthiest wild Salmon.

If Northern Dynasty is allowed to continue with their plans for the Pebble STRIP Mine we permanently lose the last and only natural salmon spawning habitat on the planet. Once it’s disturbed we cannot go back, we will successfully have destroyed the LAST AND ONLY NATURAL SALMON SPAWNING HABITAT ON THE PLANET.

What have we done by allowing this atrocity to even be considered without even hesitation?

Can we proudly call ourselves human anymore and what does that even mean if this is the best of what we have accomplished with all the time we’ve had to exist to get it right?

We as humans cannot ignore our last opportunity to actually stop the insanity. Do we really need to repeatedly persist in pretending it’s not our problem before we have nothing left to cherish when we finally look around to witness the destruction we’ve consciously participated in while chasing an illusion?

Humanity has pursued power, wealth and greed for its entirety. I don’t understand how it’s even a goal anymore really considering how many times it’s been accomplished.

Can we pursue an existence that has evolved beyond our current limiting potential? Is humanity doomed to certain self destruction? Are we capable of comprehending where we’ve gone wrong and accepting that responsibility to do better?

Does this existence have to self destruct? Is a clean slate necessary or can we collectively choose to become a species that is capable of consciously evolving beyond our limiting mine and theirs divisive mentality?

This is OUR PLANET. Let’s treat it with the devotion and protection it has earned. The time to act is now. Let your voice be heard.

Call your local representatives and keep going! Make sure everyone is aware of this last chance to prove our worth as humans. If we can actually consider destroying the last and only natural salmon spawning habitat on the planet, how can we consider ourselves human anymore?

We will have proven that greed and destruction has replaced the empathy and compassion that once defined our race as superior. Instead, we will have proven that we’ve reduced ourselves to nothing more than a destructive plague. Incapable of appreciating the abundance of life and preserving it.

We Only Have One Left In This World

The last and only natural salmon spawning habitat in the world is located in Bristol Bay, Alaska. That’s it, the only one left and Pebble Mine is threateningly close to destroying it with a strip mine and toxic waste tailings pool that scientists have no feasible way of effectively managing.

Let’s see if I have this correct. Pebble Mine doesn’t believe the science regarding the impact on our environment. They believe their science regarding being able to contain the toxic waste pool. They currently have no way of effectively disposing of the toxic waste forever.

The migratory birds are at risk as well as all the wildlife and their natural pristine habitat. The incredible bears so many love to view are in danger as well, it’s in their yard!

Montana had a flock of birds land in their toxic waste pool and we recall that horrific scene. Who is going to be responsible once the foreign mining company moves on? The toxic waste pool has to be maintained forever. What structures have we made that lasts forever?

The continuing leeching issues that Montana has had raises even more concern in a volcanic and seismically active state like Alaska. Especially considering the land is muskeg, and unstable for building structures upon. Building a toxic waste pool is demanding destruction of Bristol Bay.

Why does humanity repeat its failures and yet expect different results without recognition of the insanity in it?

Bristol Bay has been so well regulated and maintained that the 2018 season was an all time record return of Salmon. That is testimony to how well it has been managed.

Wild Salmon are a resource that is sustainable as proven by the success of Bristol Bay. It is one of the healthiest food sources available.

Farmed Salmon have a much lower quality life and you can tell the difference. The texture is mushy and doesn’t taste the same.

The life cycle of Salmon is dependent upon the natural spawning habitat. They make their migration up into the river systems to spawn. Once they’ve spawned, they die. The hatchlings grow in the stream and when big enough head out into the ocean to wander about getting bigger and stronger. Once mature, they make the migratory charge up the river where they were originally hatched to spawn and repeat the cycle.

We can barely navigate without a GPS yet Salmon can return to the stream they were hatched in! It’s almost laughable that we consider ourselves the superior species.

Once you’re grown up, and towards your final stages in life, go ahead and try to return to the exact location you were born without technology, or even a map. How superior are you feeling now?

Salmon depend upon the unique scent of the gravel and waterways in order to return to spawn. Once these are disrupted, so are the salmon. It is an incredibly fascinating journey the salmon take and yet it is so fragile in humanities hands. We have the power to destroy and to protect, it’s a choice that makes the difference.

July 1, 2019 will end public opinion on Pebble Mine and we as humanity must be responsible, think critically and act diligently. We have one left, this is it people! What are we going to do as humanity?

Please, speak out against the destruction of the last and only natural salmon spawning habitat in the world, Bristol Bay, Alaska. Pebble Mine is a 10 year projected strip mine with a toxic waste dump pool that will be required to be managed forever.

The risk is not worth even entertaining the thought but somehow here we are, having to prove the obvious. Montana provides the proof of the disastrous consequences a strip mine has upon the planet. Do we really need to repeat it?

Let your opposition be heard! Visit Savebristolbay.org for information and opportunities to help.

This is your opportunity to save the last natural salmon spawning habitat on the planet. Please help save Bristol Bay, Alaska from a toxic strip mine. We only have this planet, so we must be consciously responsible.

Thank You! Yes, You!

Thank you, whoever is reading this. You are taking time for yourself, thank you! You deserve a smile right now.

Sometimes we keep asking how much crappier can it possibly get as if we are taunting all the potential that Hell can unleash fur fun.

We are at a time of asking, how amazing can it get? We are all exhausted with the current worldwide evaluation so posing a positive potential can be a welcome alternative.

No one wants to be miserable and lonely. All of us have the same basic need of love. Let that integral commonality be our human bond.

We can easily get offended by something another says or does without taking the critical thinking moment to consider what it is about ourselves that feels offended and why.

For example; I was getting annoyed at hearing my in-laws continually telling me how well I was filling out. It’s really easy to be offended and most would agree for it to be justifiable. The other alternative is to consider what it is about that which makes me feel annoyed or offended. When I took an honest review of my feelings and thoughts it became apparent I was feeling sensitive about my recent weight gain.

That realization forced me to either take action and create the body shape I would feel comfortable in or quit body shaming myself and love myself regardless of the size as long as I am happy and healthy.

Our lives are so short in comparison to time and therefore our existence must have quality for ourselves and our surroundings or why even exist? For some selfish pleasures? For the experience of life.

One thing I learned while fading in and out of consciousness was we are all energy and there is a pure energy source accompanying us on our souls individual journeys.

Let’s make this journey count as one conscious decision to evolve beyond our current repetition of archaic beliefs and actions.

What is beyond our current excuse of allowing our current situation to exist and for history to repeat itself because it’s always been that way? We can do better than this and we know it deep down.

There is a gnawing pressure on our conscious that our way of life is not sustainable. Who can really deny that wholeheartedly? It can be so overwhelming though, that it can almost seem inevitable. It’s far less complicated to just give in and trudge along until something actually affects our personal way of life. Until then it’s always someone else’s problem.

Often by the time something or someone we personally care about is affected, no one is there to hear. It too falls upon hollow ears, leaving us feeling isolated and abused, with no where left to turn. Giving up becomes the only logical option, so, broken inside we retreat.

This repetitive build-up, fight for resources, tear down, suffer, revolution, total collapse, rebuild, and then rinse and repeat is what we proudly call human existence.

This has certainly met the clear definition of insanity, yet here we are, ready to rinse and repeat because humanity obviously hasn’t learned otherwise.

We are going to willingly allow history to repeat itself because that’s how it’s always been and that’s the best we can knowingly do.

Because of people like yourself, I believe we are ready for something different and fulfilling. Life is what we make it so let’s make it something we can be proud of as humanity. We begin by taking the personal steps of reflection and growth.

Again, thank you for finding the insight and curiosity inside of yourself that makes you that beautiful human you are and who you consciously choose to be. Take the time for yourself to celebrate you. There is only one of you, so enjoy and learn from those unique experiences from your perspective. We exist to explore, so let’s journey together.

Thank you.

Why Do You Post?

If your motivation is to gain internet attention and you spread hate and discontent in an effort to reach that goal, you could possibly need some time to consider your intentions.

Try posting something actually thought provoking in a positive way that plants a seed for reflection.

Humanity has created this cocoon around us of black or white, good or evil, rich or poor, and the divisive list goes on that has hardened to stone. There is constant increased pressure building on it and the stone cocoon will eventually crack. I have beliefs that it can be a positive force for humanity to evolve beyond continually repeating our failures.

If we as individuals take a long hard look inside us and what is really motivating our actions and make the effort to understand EVERYONE wants love, a shift will happen.

It all begins inside us. Remind one another that we can make positive changes instead of regurgitating negativity for popularity.

We can choose to prosper as humanity instead of another civilization that collapsed because of wealth, power, and greed being the greatest motivator for society. Wealth, power and greed have all been accomplished so many times over by humanity why not reach a real goal? Accomplish something that hasn’t been possible before for a real challenging goal.

Actually challenge humanity to imagine harmonious prosperity and what new possibilities that would create.

If humans keep repeating the lame goal of being wealthy, having power, and owning everything, how is that even an accomplishment anymore really? Think about it. What is so special about it if so many have continually done it? Empires have come and gone. Why not try something worthwhile? A legacy worth being admired for.

The goal to become wealthy is only superseded by gaining more wealth to the point of having so much it could never be spent in a lifetime. That has already been done, repeatedly. The goal to have all the money, proves lack of ingenuity. What would that actually accomplish worthwhile?

We’ve had Kings and Queens, Pharaoh’s, Dictatorships, Presidents, and all types in power for humanity. It has been done, over and over again. So where’s the challenge in repeating that?

Greed is a corporate mentality and certainly performed in every possible opportunity since humans have cohabitation necessities. Obviously nothing new in that arena. What is having all the popularity if no one is actually happy and we all feel so empty?

We should consider posting in an effort to keeping the positive pressure in humanity. To create dialogue that will crack open this oppressive shell we’ve constructed around us to evolve into something worth being instead of another great civilization that eventually collapses because of played out repetition.

If we have to wait for a savior to fix the problems we’ve created and cannot be smart enough to overcome, we have failed. Waiting for a savior to come make it all better is dangerously lazy.

We should challenge humanity to be inventive again and create heaven on earth. There are plenty of resources for us all if we choose to move beyond mine and theirs. Can we is the real challenge?